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Fr., 09. Juni



the roots of our hands deep as revolt

entangled colonialities of the green ACT #1: DAARAY SUUF (The School of the Earth) is a multidisciplinary and collective exhibition.

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Zeit & Ort

09. Juni 2023, 19:00 MESZ – 11. Juni 2023, 19:00 MESZ

Dakar, PGH9+99M, Rue OKM 22, Dakar, Senegal

Über das Event

ACT #1: DAARAY SUUF (The School of the Earth)  10.-12.03.2023 with Ibaaku (@ibaaku) / Jah Gal Doulsy (@jahgaldoulsy) / Aicha Déme (@aichademe_sanka) / Mamadou Faye / Ina Makosi (@ina_makosi) Project management: Makha Bao Fall (@makhabao)/ Communication: Francis Manel Sembé (@s.e.m.b.e)/ Curation: @alibetaofficial & @NyabinghiLab  DAARAY SUUF (The School of the Earth), is a multidisciplinary and collective exhibition. By transforming the space of KENU into sacred wood, resembling the places of initiatory transmission in Africa, KENU invites us to revisit the links between humans and the other inhabitants of the earth, to return to the roots, to relearn to listen to the lessons of possibilities that the various Living Beings which constitute and inhabit the earth convey to us thousands of years. The intention is to decolonize the imaginary of modern ecology, by putting forward African perspectives and knowledge in the field of environmentalism, cohabitation and management of natural resources.

By highlighting the close links with the living, it sheds light on how African communities have developed sustainable methods to manage natural resources, long before the arrival of colonization, and how these practices persist today. In doing so, it emphasizes the urgency of valuing them as viable alternatives to the dominant approach of Western ecology.  The artists are exploring these issues by focussing on "Takkamtiku" (The Art of Enjoying African Flavors); "Xam-Xamu-Makh" (Termite Knowledge); "I-Saas" (The Tree of Life); "The Ecologies of Sound" and "The Guardinas of the Temple".

-  #kulturstiftungdesbundes #Turn2Fund #revolt #lifereform #environmentalism #anticolonialstruggle #daviddiop #dakar #colonialism #thegreen #nudism #blackliberation #negritude #blackfeminism #vegetarianism #farming #germany #nature #futurism #contemporaryart #berlin #capetown #senegal

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