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EXHIBITION – the roots of our hands deep as revolt: Chapter 2 @ HAU Hebbel am Ufer

back to nature. the colonial blind spot

Salamaléikoum dearest Binghis welcome back!

Nyabinghi Lab proudly presents the second chapter of our new project “The Roots Of Our Hands Deep As Revolt: Entangled Colonialities of the Green”, an 18 month long research and exhibition project supported by the @kulturstiftungdesbundes, in cooperation with @kenulab, @chimurenga_sa, @hauberlin and @kunstraumkreuzberg!

Environmentalism, sustainability, and other green practices have historically relegated non-white and non-Western voices and realities to the margins.

By addressing the colonial entanglements of the Green/environmental movement in Germany in particular, the project explores the history of these exclusions, challenges the narrative of the human/nature binary and connects environmental discourses to antislavery and anticolonial struggles.

The invited artists and participants imagine and create Black and decolonial ecologies as sites of possibility for alternative notions of nature, for future visions of sustainability, reciprocity, Blackness, (non)humanness, and ecological stewardship.

the roots of our hands deep as revolt:

Entangled Colonialities of the Green

back to nature. the colonial blind spot

xx.xx.2023 – yy.yy.2023

HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Stresemannstr. 29

10963 Berlin, Germany

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